Styling the description box using CSS

Martynas Majeris -

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The description box that pops up when you click on a map object (area, image, or just about anything else) that has a "description" property is basically a <div> element that can be customized like any HTML element.

To do that use the following CSS classes:

CSS Class Applies to
ammapDescriptionWindow The whole description box window (outer container). You might want to set background / borders in this class.
ammapDescriptionWindowCloseButton Close button. You can use it to reposition, change color or even override the image itself here.
ammapDescriptionTitle The title that appears at the top of the description box. By default it contains the title of the clicked object.
ammapDescriptionText Body of the description box. That's where everything from "description" property goes into.

As for the contents of the description box, it can contain any valid HTML including CSS-styled elements.

Here's a very good example to illustrate all of the above:

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