Vertical guide lines on Stock Chart

Graham Young -


Is it possible to add guidelines to a Stock Events chart as in the stacked area chart? (

By the way, am loving the new website and JsFiddle is an awesome addition!

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    Martynas Majeris

    Yes, it's possible to add Guides to Stock Chart's panels. It's absolutely the same as adding them to regular charts, except you're adding them to StockPanel. I.e.:

    // Let's add a guide

    var guide1 = new AmCharts.Guide(); = new Date(2011, 6, 25);

    guide1.lineColor = "#CC0000";

    guide1.lineAlpha = 1;

    guide1.dashLength = 2;

    guide1.inside = true;

    guide1.labelRotation = 90;

    guide1.label = "Guide label";


    And here's live example:

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    Graham Young

    Perfect and thanks for the prompt response.

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    Amrik Singh

    1.  Is that any way we can rotate the category axis values. as shown in the attached image....       and 

    2.  i am using "L:NN A" format  to show time but i need to show time with ...AM or PM ... extectly as shown in the image..


    i lost my post.. unable to locate my post.. i am not feeling comfortable with new .. support system. very complicated. no help  .. older one was very easy to use...   please post some video tutorial on you tube so people can get familier.



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