Can the charts load external CSV data?

Martynas Majeris -

The JavaScripts do not have any built-in external data loading capabilities. It's a data visualization library. We leave the implementation, including choosing data loading mechanisms, up to the developer.

For an entry point we recommend this article that deals with loading CSV data:

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    Kevin Ruiz

    I've followed this example to the letter, but I still can't get the chart to display. I've made my own php file that successfully queries my mysql database, and creates a file with two data values in the following format:


    I am using google chrome and wamp on my machine, I do not know what is wrong. I know my php file works, but I can't figure out what is wrong with my html file, since I get no errors, I just get a grey page with a white box where the chart should go. I've attached my html file. Please if anyone has had the same issue and resolved it, any help/hint will be highly appreciated. 


    I've also posted posted my question on, here is the link which has a more detail breakdown:

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    Darrin Lowery

    There are problems with that tutorial.

    • The "Loading data" section expects failure. Then it explains the requirements of the tutorial (a webserver is required) after the failure. Requirements should be at the top of the tutorial.
    • The "Parsing data" section does not state where the loop should go.
    • the "chart.dataDateFormat" section does not state where it should go.
    • The link to the last "working example" goes to a page that does not exist and subsequently loops back to the tutorial.
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