Disabling or enabling value axis recalculation to percents

Martynas Majeris -

The following applies to JavaScript Stock Chart only.

When there's a single DataSet selected, the chart shows real values on the value axis. Now, when you select at least one another DataSet for comparison, the chart goes into "percent" mode redrawing all the graphs and value axes to show percent change from datapoint to datapoint rather than real values.

It's a standard practice in Stock chart. However, it's not always applicable for your needs.

To disable such behavior, and make the chart always show real values use the following ValueAxesSettings property:

chart.panelsSettings.recalculateToPercents = "never";


You can also set this property per panel also:

stockPanel2.recalculateToPercents = "never";


Alternatively, if you like to enable recalculation to percents even if there is just single DataSet, you can use "always" as the above setting:

chart.panelsSettings.recalculateToPercents = "always";
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    Thomas Känel

    This helped me a lot; in the documentation this option is only mentioned as a part of the value axis and as type = boolean: http://docs.amcharts.com/javascriptstockchart/ValueAxis

    Do you plan to adjust this? Thanks!

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    Mike Wassmer

    In the post above, you mentioned that the recalculateToPercents property is in the ValueAxesSettings property. Was that a typo? Didn't you mean to say the PanelsSettings property?

    Do you know when these settings will be reflected in the documentation? Are there other parts of the documentation that are similarly outdated?

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    Lyn Dee


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