Clustering multiple stacked columns

Martynas Majeris -

Sometimes having just clustered or stacked column charts is not enough. Now, with a magic of combining multiple value axes and stacked columns it's possible to create clusters of stacked columns.

It's a rather simple workaround:

  1. Create a separate ValueAxis for each separate column. Enable regular stacking for the axes.
  2. Assign graphs to appropriate "cluster" axes.
  3. That's it!


Here's a working example:

P.S. and to make things even more cool, you can add non-clustered columns to the mix as well by setting particular graphs stackable property to false.

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    that looks awesome. I need something similar: Two stacked 100% bars clustered together (first with own data, second bar with benchmark percentages). Would that be possible? If so, from which version on is this supported?I'll try a pictogram of what I mean:

    Item 1:

    My Data:                 |---|-|-------|--|--|

    Benchmark Data:  |----|-|-----|--|---|

    Item 2:




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    Kai Griffin

    Thanks for this... I was just about to submit a request to solve this exact same situation, and found this in the "related issues" part of the submission form (which is also great feature for a feature-request system).

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    Hi how do i get the total with respect to each stack separately.

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